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    “…and then there were three…”

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    Yes, it’s true.. From four galore to a wee three!

    Sadly for our southern customers, we have decided not to renew the lease on our Christies Beach store. Awwwwww, sad face 🙁

    Despite the great feedback from our customers (and apologies to our regulars!) we have now closed the doors on our Christies Beach store, mainly due to the lack of traffic in the area. Seems everyone has taken to the streets of Glenelg and Harbour Town!  Yeah alright, fair call, can’t say we blame you… especially with this glorious Adelaide weather we’re all enjoying, it’s certainly the place to be!

    Thank you for helping us grow!

    If you happen to find yourself down by the  beach at Glenelg or West Beach, grabbing an ice cream, soaking up some vitamin D, squishing sand between your toes and taking selfies, remember to make a quick stop at your closest House of Serendipity store – you might just see a familiar face or two from Christies!  (selfies with staff and red hot items are always welcome too!)

    We understand it’ll take a bit of extra time to get to the Bay, especially if you’re working during the week, so we’re opening the Glenelg store for longer hours in the summer so that you can even shop before and after dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

    Of course, as always, we’d like to take a moment for some thank you’s. We’re just a bunch of happy, crazy, thankful people. Firstly, we’d like to thank our regular Christies’ customers: your support and encouragement have been and continue to be very much appreciated. Secondly, a  super special thank you to the staff at Christies Beach for your positive vibes and tireless efforts. You are all amazing people and we look forward to seeing you and your gorgeous smiling faces out and about at our three remaining stores.

    Thanks for all your support! 🙂



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