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    Go to House of Serendipity when you can’t find what you’re looking for anywhere else – or better yet, just go there first. Great enthustiastic service, beautiful colourful displays and fair prices.

    Melissa M.

    Great service by great girls….oh and fab finds……always leave with something amazing….. cant wait to pick up my tails tuxedo jacket xx

    Annette P. – Adelaide


    I have posted your first part of the video on https://www.facebook.com/groups/138094750480/ – I know you won’t mind, as after Sunday the delegates were still talking about what a sensational parade you and the volunteer models put on for the Conference.

    Di P. – Melbourne


    Hi Rachel… I have a number of dresses from your store, mainly 60/70’s with the odd flarey number.  I am the Business Manager for a large catering company in Melbourne and spend a considerable amount of time meeting and greeting potential clients and current contracts; so the look is everything. I am constantly complemented on the dresses that I wear from your store and enjoy the fact that I can attend a function and know that nobody else will be dressed the same.

    Alicia F. – Adelaide South Australia*


    I really like Nadia’s House Of Serendipity. You can find clothes and accessories from decades and decades ago, and you can also find more modern pieces.  I bought some Bardot shorts for $17 when they were $80 in store a few months before. A friend bought a $5 vintage dress from the 70’s for a fancy dress party! I have also spotted Marc Jacobs and Chanel labels in here a few times.

    The staff are really lovely too. I’d definitely recommend you check it out if you’re in Glenelg with some extra time to spare.

    Liz A. – South Australia*


    Nadia is a loveable lass. Her winning smile and chilled out vibe make her shop chilled out and winning too. Winning in a ‘great retail store’ way, not a Charlie Sheen aliens landing way.

    This is a second hand clothing store down the bay, without the ‘vintage’ bullshit. You’re buying clothes that are quality, and are priced according to that quality, and not according to what some fashionista thinks a wacky pair of overalls are worth according to current hipster trends.

    I come to Nadia’s when I have a big night planned and always find something perfect. Unfortunately I also tend to buy things that don’t fit me with the intention to ‘fix them up.’ This is absurd, as I am a seamstress’s daughter with the sewing skills of a small ambidextrous pony. Beautiful dresses, bags and shoes. They also provide a box of toys for kids to play with while you shop: this is excellent. Stock is constantly rotating and the staff are smiley and helpful like retail sunshine.

    Manon B. -South Australia*


    I stumbled upon this store more or less by accident because we were parking around there and had to walk past it to get to the main road. If it weren’t for a skirt that grabbed my attention I probably would have never gone in there in the first place.

    So the skirt was lovely, and at $15 seriously cheap. Unfortunately the fabric made me look more like a ballerina than anything else so I didn’t end up buying it. I had a quick browse around the shop too but nothing really impressed me that much. It’s very cheap though, the owner is a lovely woman and I reckon it’s one of those shops where you just have to go back every now and then because the stock constantly changes.

    Definitely good to find a bargain. I’d also recommend it if you have to create some weird outfit for a fancy dress party because I did find the one or other very odd item in there, especially in the men’s section.

    Rosyn M. – South Australia*


    Woodstock eat your heart out! This place has more of a psychedelic seventies feel to it, but still stocks a very large range of vintage clothing from all decades.

    I am two-minded about this place, although they have a lot of stock and reasonable prices, I find the clothing isn’t as carefully picked out for a modern market like some other vintage stores. There are a lot of over the top dresses that would only be appropriate for a fancy dress event.

    But, I always enjoy the jewellery and knick-knacks here. They’re very unique and beautiful and the ladies behind the counter are always so friendly and helpful.

    Nadia’s House of Serendipity is overflowing with vintage stock to please everyone, but be prepared to sift through.

    Mario P. – South Australia*

    24/12/2011 3 photos

    So I’m trying to review this place from a dude’s perspective. And that’s a little hard to do, since there’s not a lot a guy might want to do here.

    But I thought of a way a guy might want to enter a store like this. Christmas. I’ve already bought a Christmas present for milady, but I’ve a got a little extra money coming in so I thought I might try for something extra. Normally, I stay away from clothes. I never remember sizes, and girls tend to like to try a thing on before they buy it. And I can’t say I blame them for this.

    But I brought in a picture of milady, and showed it to the staff, and they gave me some handy tips as to what might suit her. I ended up buying a thirty dollar dress. I can’t tell you whether the advice was accurate or not, as Christmas isn’t ’til tomorrow, but here’s the best part: I’ve already nailed the present. This is just a bonus, so if I’ve made a terrible choice, I’m still in the clear.

    Regardless, I’d like to thank the staff for their help with the unorthodox request.

    Alison p. – South Australia*

    21/12/2011 1 photo

    Nadia’s House of Serendipity has been in Glenelg for a long time and you can’t help but notice Nadia, who is extremely tall and has the most gorgeous bright reddy,purple hair.  She has run a great store for many years and, in more recent times has relocated round the corner to where it is now.  Looking at the shop now, I don’t know how she ever fitted in to the smaller store before.

    The shop screams 70’s psychedelic in logo and layout and there is a colourful array of racks of clothing both inside the store and out.  You can find vintage clothing, designer clothing and just about everything in between.  The change rooms are bright and airy and Nadia or her other assistants are always ready to help out.  You can always find something unique here at a good price.

    As well as clothes, they have a large selection of shoes, bags, belts and jewellery.  The only thing about the new store is that it is a little harder to find, being tucked away around the back of Cheap as Chips.

    Lana G. – South Australia*


    I have found some serious bargains at Nadia’s. I’m normally suss of buying vintage in person – there’s the inevitable mark-up and I generally hate looking through a bunch of crap to find the gems. I’m a fan of Etsy and markets to be honest, the vintage boutique thing isn’t really my bag.

    On several occasions, however, I have been taken along to Nadia’s by friends –  and pretty much every time I walk out with something. Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket for $60? Yes please.

    Stock is pretty mixed – there are some genuine vintage pieces, other stuff that is only acceptable for costume parties, as well as current pre-loved pieces and good selection of accessories. I’ve got to say since they moved from around the corner, the stock seems to be less my style, but  the staff are always super friendly, and it’s definitely worth a glance through if you’re down at the Bay.



    * These Reviews were sourced via Yelp : http://www.yelp.com.au/biz/nadias-house-of-serendipity-glenelg


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